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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Aodrulez: I've Arrived!

Sounds like a Hollywood Movie Script of the late 1980's....I endup doing all sorts of Blunders
in my life...all through my childhood n teenage days...when i look back now...all I see is a Mr.Nobody, you know..the kind of life where u exist in silence..Dead-Silence in my case, was trying to be the good guy all in some kind of a wonderland, lacking contact with the real world..drifting away from the worldly ways of Life..Screwed up the few relationships that I've ever had, big time..and thats when i life sucks! I felt like a creature in a cocoon..
I desperately wanted to break free....n "Live My Life, My Way!"...
I knew that this was an Alien world to be in..with lots of un-tresspassed paths...n I wanted to get lost somewhere...and this seemed to be the perfect Time.I really needed to forget my past...forget my mistakes... forget my ex's... forget my back-stabbing friends..forget the very truth that I was alive till yet or that I merely existed...I wanted to start anew!
I tried to be occupied all the something or the other..tryin to learn new skills...n what can i say....I've come a long way.
Feels better a human a a a Brother...but still I have a long long way to go...and I aint givin-up..cuz I aint a quitter anymore!

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