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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google Chrome "input type=file" Based Memory Corruption PoC.

Tested on Version :
By :Aodrulez.

Google Chrome completely crashes due 
to "Access Violation" exception if the user
right-clicks any file in the "Open File" 
dialog that pops-up, twice within same tab 
or other tabs.If you select any
file once, right-click it, & select any option...
then either click "Open" or "Cancel"...& try to
do the same again, Memory corruption occurs 
causing all the tabs & the entire Browser to Crash.

How to test this PoC:
1] Click the first "Choose File", select
   any folder or file, right-click n select
   "properties".Then cancel the "Open" dialog
2] Click the second "Choose File", select
   any folder or file,& simply right-click 
   to see Google Chrome Crash due to 
   "Access Violation".

Greetz fly out to:
1]LiquidWorm : For being so nice.....n guiding me.. :-)
2]str0ke : For goin thru all my silly e-mails.
3]Amforked() : My Mentor.
By:       Aodrulez,,


PoC :

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Anonymous said...

put input type is not equal to file