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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Installing PDP11 SIMH Simulator on IOS device

Hi there!
Its been a long time since I've made a blog post &
well its about time i guess ;)

Installing PDP11 SIMH Simulator on IOS device

This should work on iPhone,iPod as well as iPad.
I've got it working on iPod Touch 4G running
IOS 4.3.3 (Latest as of now).

Btw, there are 2 ways of doing this. If you own
a Mac & have the IOS SDK you can do it right on
your computer. Since am a Linux guy & find it
completely weird to own a Mac just to program
for a teeny-weeny iDevice, i installed the entire
toolchain on my iPod Touch itself. Bwahaha!

Install Toolchain on your Jailbroken iDevice
(Credits : 'MichaelHaseth' from .
Tnx a ton Michael!)

  • Install 'fake-libgcc' from Cydia.
  • Install 'GNU C Compiler' from Cydia.
  • Copy the attached libraries to '/usr/lib/' of your iDevice.
  • Install 'iPhone 2.0 Toolchain' from Cydia.

Thats all!
Just ssh to your iDevice & type 'gcc' & you are
good to go. You can use the Mobile-Terminal too.

Note: I've gotten normal c programs to compile
& run just fine. use
#gcc source.c -o app

Installing SIMH PDP11 Simulator

  • Unpack & copy the attached header files to '/usr/lib' of your iDevice.
  • Unpack the attached on your computer & transfer it to a folder on your iDevice. For ex. /tmp
  • 'cd' to that folder & type 'make' at the prompt.
  • It'll take a few seconds to build & once its done, inside the 'BIN' folder, you'll find the pdp11 executable.
  • Just copy the required unix OS images to the folder & you've got a working pdp11 unix computer on your iDevice.

Note :
  • I've modified the SIMH makefile & tweaked a few things here & there.
  • Am not uploading the unix images cuz of the copyright biaches.
  • Just lookup on any SIMH tutorial & you are good to go.
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(c) Aodrulez.

1 comment:

Wolfgang said...

Hi, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I only wondered about the performance of the simulated system. It should definately be better than the original hardware but it'd be nice if you could write one or two lines concerning the system performance you have reached.