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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winget 3.0 Download Manager(Build 112) Local DOS Exploit PoC.

Tested On: Windows Xp Pro Sp2.
By: Aodrulez.

This download manager crashes completely when the attached
specially crafted files' contents are copied to System clipboard.
To do this task,I've coded a simple app in Pure Masm32.
Usage:Start Winget, minimize its window & then run the 
application.Make sure that Wingetpoc.txt lies in the same folder as
my exploit PoC app.You can also open the file & do a ctrl-A & then
ctrl-c n see Winget crash!


Greetz fly out to:
1]LiquidWorm : For being so nice.....n guiding me.. :)
2]str0ke : For goin thru all my silly e-mails.
3]Amforked() : My mentor.
4]OSRT :- This is dedicated to all the members!
By:       Aodrulez,,


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